Programmatic Advertising:
How Marketing Intelligence Puts You in Control 

The writing is on the wall: 62% of brands will take their programmatic trading in-house by 2022. The lesser-known fact of the matter is that there is more than one method congealing as a standard. From taking the strategic lead with their agencies via analytics and data ownership to full in-house programmatic trading, there's a spectrum of ways advertisers are taking control of programmatic.

This whitepaper will discuss how advertisers are taking control of programmatic with marketing intelligence, in all forms, including:

  • How brands are moving to full data ownership, putting them in the driver’s seat of their programmatic strategy to close the programmatic insights gap
  • What an in-house programmatic advertising team looks like, and how to decide whether you need one
  • Examples of leading companies “closing the loop” on their programmatic with Marketing Intelligence 

Read this whitepaper to learn how, exactly, advertisers are taking control of programmatic– and what they’re gaining as they do.



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"The ability to make smarter decisions very quickly for our clients allows them to respond to their management more effectively – this leads to better results for their business and better satisfaction for our clients, thereby strengthening our relationship with them."

– John Ellett
nFusion CEO