Powering 1:1 Conversations at Scale: Electronic Arts Uses Data to Put their Customers First

Consumers’ expectations of how they interact with businesses have completely changed. They now expect personalized, one-to-one interactions across every touchpoint in the customer journey. The most successful marketers are moving beyond disjointed experiences to a new model of 1:1 conversations. How can your organization do the same?

In this on-demand webinar, executives from EA and Datorama share best practices on implementing 1:1 conversations at scale, including:

  • How EA uses 1st and 3rd party data to drive their “player first” strategy
  • What marketers need to know to get unified data, data integration, and data ownership right
  • The real-life data challenges EA encountered in the field, and how they’ve overcome them

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Ari Sheinkin IBM

"Datorama's technology is a smarter approach to connecting and unifying data. This combination is key to our success."

–Ari Shenkin
VP of Analytics, IBM