Owning your Programmatic Data Strategy: The In-House Strategy to Own, Understand and Activate your Programmatic Data

The writing is on the wall: In 2018, bringing programmatic in-house is a mainstream trend. Are you prepared?

Join executives from Beeswax and Datorama, two leaders in the marketplace, as they explore the importance of hidden clues within your data, and how to access, analyze and activate them.

Watch this on-demand webinar recording to learn how coupling an AI-powered marketing intelligence platform with an in-house programmatic strategy can reveal business-impacting insights to activate more intelligent media buying.





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Thousands of leading companies use Datorama


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"Datorama is mission critical to how Ticketmaster operates as a business. It brings in all of our different data sources from the wide variety of technology platforms we use to reconcile them, line them up, and make sense of information that otherwise would live in silos within the technology stack"

– Gosha Khuchua
VP of Digital Media, Ticketmaster