Optimize Your DMP Audience Segments for ROAS and Growth with Datorama

Using the power of automated Marketing Intelligence, marketers are now gaining full transparency with one unified view of their DMP audience segments, creative messaging, and offers, while automating all reporting and leveling-up traditional media metrics to deeper insights that drive ROAS (return on ad spend) and growth.

In this webinar recording, hear directly from leaders at Datorama, who will share how to:

  • Understand and measure the impact of DMP audiences across campaigns, creative, audiences, and time 
  • Accelerate time to value through the automation of complex campaign reporting
  • Optimize DMP campaigns by tying media performance to sales in real-time

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Thousands of leading companies use Datorama


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"“Before Datorama, we would have to log in separately to all our different source systems across social, display, search, web analytics, and DSP partners. We did our best to optimise and report, but it was cumbersome and we couldn’t see the reality of our advertising marketing, which is always across many channels, campaigns and partners to reach our diverse audiences. Without that centralised view, we knew we were leaving opportunity on the table. We wanted to know what was working well, what wasn’t and how different channels interact so we could make smarter decisions. It was time to upgrade"

David Scheepers
Digital Data & Media Manager, Pernod Ricard