Optimize Your Advertising Studio Audiences for ROAS and Growth with Datorama


CRM audience marketing measurement is undergoing a revolution. With Marketing Intelligence and data analytics platforms like Datorama, marketers gain full transparency into their 1st Party CRM audiences, creative messaging, web analytics, and offers. This allows them to quickly extract insights that drive ROAS and growth.

In this webinar recording, hear directly from leaders at Datorama, who will share how to:

  • Build advertising and campaign performance transparency across marketing channels, audiences, and creatives
  • Accelerate insights through automation of complex audience reporting
  • Optimize campaigns and drive growth by connecting 1st Party CRM data to business results 

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“We’ve eliminated at least 100 hrs per month in data pulling and report building while providing our client with same-day access to data that took their old agency 60 days or more to deliver.”

Jason Crain, VP of Digital Intelligence