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Optimize Marketing Investments to Maximize Lead Generation, Pipeline, and Revenue

B2B marketers are accountable for developing campaigns and strategies that drive leads, pipeline, and revenue. In order to optimize marketing efficacy and maximize business impact, B2B marketers need a solution that connects disparate marketing and sales data to help them understand top of the funnel impact on bottom of the funnel results.

Watch our webinar to learn how B2B marketers utilize Datorama to: 

  • Connect data from all marketing and advertising channels into a single source of marketing truth
  • Understand what messages and creatives best resonate with each channel and segment
  • Map and optimize spend on paid media channels to maximize leads, opportunities and revenue



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Thousands of leading companies use Datorama, A Salesforce Company


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“We’ve eliminated at least 100 hrs per month in data pulling and report building while providing our client with same-day access to data that took their old agency 60 days or more to deliver.”

Jason Crain, VP of Digital Intelligence - Edelman