How Land O'Lakes Builds a Modern Marketecture: Leveraging Data from Farm to Fork

Land O' Lakes Inc. is one of America's premier agribusiness and food companies with a mission to feed human progress. Driven by insights and innovation, the company leverages data from farm to fork to power its businesses. This requires an align ment of people, process and technology to understand the impact of its marketing and fuel growth.

Hear directly from Land O’ Lakes for insights into the organization’s performance marketing journey. You’ll learn about:

  • How Land O’ Lakes aligns people, process and technology to scale analytics
  • How the company measures marketing performance
  • Use cases where Land O’ Lakes uses real-time date for campaign optimization and activation

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“We’ve eliminated at least 100 hrs per month in data pulling and report building while providing our client with same-day access to data that took their old agency 60 days or more to deliver.”

Jason Crain, VP of Digital Intelligence