Operating data is tricky. It is supposed to help make accurate budgeting decisions and deliver seamless omnichannel experience to your customers. Despite that, marketers in the online retail space are still experiencing constant pressure to achieve an array of KPIs, and are often struggling to make sense of dozens of software platforms and multiple data sources.

To lend a hand, in this webinar we will cover ways to tackle key challenges with your existing resources. We will also take a deep dive at the end of the webinar to see how further data harmonisation and utilising marketing intelligence can deliver instant insights for your marketing performance optimisation and increased performance.

Phil Dance, Enterprise Sales at Datorama & Gosha Khuchua, Senior Director Digital Marketing at Ticketmaster presented:

  • How to combine your marketing data across channels and campaigns for a unified view of performance
  • How to get started with your marketing analytics strategy
  • How to leverage the insights for increased marketing performance
  • How Ticketmaster uses marketing analytics tools to optimise campaigns in real time

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"Datorama's technology is a smarter approach to connecting and unifying data. This combination is key to our success."

–Ari Shenkin
VP of Analytics, IBM