trivago unifies marketing channels, creating a global single source for cross-departmental insights

trivago is a leading global hotel search platform, helping travelers find their ideal hotel – spanning two million hotels and 400+ booking sites. trivago’s Marketing team strives to continuously innovate in their own processes to improve the efficacy of their various initiatives. In order to do so, they realized they needed to develop a centralized system to cleanse and harmonize all of their data. To this end, they engaged Datorama to help them establish a marketing intelligence platform to test, iterate, and optimize their programs.

With Datorama in place, trivago’s team has seen the benefit of single source for all their
external and internal data.

Read this case study to learn how Datorama helped trivago to achieve:

  • Time savings across the team amounting to 80 hours per day
  • Up to 15% reduction of reporting errors 
  • Introduction of near to real-time automated data feeds to enable always-on decision making

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