Ipsos Activates Survey Insights, Deepening Brand Health Analysis

Ipsos is a leading, multi-specialist market research organization that strives to further their knowledge of people, markets, brands and society. They deliver eye-opening insights to their clients, helping them make smarter decisions.

One of Ipsos' specialist areas is advertising research for brands. They perform continuous surveys to provide their clients with the latest market sentiment and competitive insights - sometimes within hours of execution. Ipsos Connect needed an advanced solution to elevate their tracking platform and improve delivery to clients, and chose Datorama.

Read this case study to find out how Datorama helped Ipsos, including:

  • Onboarding all survey data to Datorama with 100% accuracy
  • Improved data discovery and processing, enabling fast and easy drill-downs and breakouts across brands, regions and customer segments
  • The ability to deliver more impactful recommendations and insights

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“Our clients rely on our proprietary methodologies to support important decisions about their consumers and business. Datorama has helped us deliver that expertise in a more integrated, accessible and real-time way that helps our clients be more successful.”

–Toni Seijo
Country Manager, Ipsos Connect Spain