HR Platform, Gusto, Connects Marketing and Sales Data for Deeper Insights

An industry-leading payroll, benefits and HR platform, Gusto is on a mission to create a world where work enables a better life. Their SaaS platform services over 40,000 companies nationwide and is expanding rapidly.

Gusto searched for an end-to-end solution that would ensure full ownership over their data, unlock deeper marketing insights, and ultimately drive marketing performance  - and decided on Datorama.  

Download this case study to learn about Gusto's results, including:

  • How Datorama has driven cross-functional  understanding and awareness of Gusto's paid media performance, allowing them to make smarter budget allocations
  • How Gusto combines this knowledge with organic rankings and organic channel performances to get a complete picture of their marketing performance; and
  • Gusto's new ability to answer key questions across marketing channels in one centralized place.

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Thousands of leading companies use Datorama


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“Datorama has changed the way we operate as an organization and has truly transformed the way we go to market as a business. We are thrilled with the platform, and we couldn’t have made a better decision.”

–Dan Davidow
Head of Paid Media & Analytics, Gusto