Global Agency DWA, Leverages Marketing Intelligence to Scale Their Business 

DWA is a global media and marketing agency specializing in helping B2B technology companies. Working with the top marketing and ad tech partners in the industry, DWA collects and analyzes huge swaths of data for their clients.

From this technology-first perspective, DWA leadership realized the need for marketing intelligence to make their lives, and their clients lives, better. They chose to engage Datorama as a holistic marketing intelligence platform.

Download this case study to read about DWA's results, including:

  • A remarkable 45% reduction in time needed to produce reports, resulting in increased time to service nearly twice as many clients and reports
  • How DWA's team were empowered to use their freed-up time to provide clients with advanced analyses, to deepen customer value
  • A new ability to monitor both macro and micro conversion KPIs

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Thousands of leading companies use Datorama


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“Clients are very interested and want more information. They now are able to access reports themselves and interact with their data through filters and widgets. Datorama actually allows us to provide additional value past standard reporting in a format that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to share”

–Mollie Parker
 Director of Analytics and Tech Ops, DWA